Strelkov’s statement regarding ceasefire – (June 28th, 2014 @ 15.30)

During the night over Slavyansk breaking so called ceasefire, there were more than 10 unmanned aircraft gathering intelligence.

In the morning the enemy planes dropped off military cargo on parachutes, in the area of Kramatorsk airport. We restrained ourselves from using our anti air defense.

The enemy has resumed the movements of military convoys along the highway Kharkov-Rostov, around check points Gas Station and Vostochniy ( the enemy calls them, check point #3 and #4 ). According to our intelligence, one of the convoys delivered a large shipment of shells, that will be used for artillery strikes on our positions. We consider these actions a break in ceasefire. As a result of such actions, we carried out a mortar attack on one of the convoys in the area of the check point Vostochniy. The enemy’s mortar battery located in the area of the same checkpoint, responded by shelling Semenovka. We responded by shelling the enemy’s mortar battery, with our own, the enemy has casualties.

During the duration of the rest of the day, our recon groups observed as the enemy kept moving more troops and armored vehicles to the front positions located on the edges of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The enemy is getting ready for a complete cleansing of Yampol.

Slavyansk Garrison is warning, that we will not let our enemy use the declaration of ceasefire, to get into state of maximum readiness to storm our positions.

On all the other fronts our units, are sticking to the ceasefire agreement and are limiting themselves to observing the enemy’s actions.


Statement Regarding the Cross of St. George and the Proposed “Medal for Military Valour


We have a request:

As you know by now, we have been awarding Crosses of St. George. The only difference between these Crosses and the original Cross of St. George version used during the First World War is an engraving and its position [on the Cross]. As of this time, we have created granted approximately 30 of these awards (including several – posthumously), Crosses have been issued to a dozen of award holders.

However, the Cross of St. George is our highest form of recognition at this time. The personalized knives and pistols are also important, but we need another award of a lower rank than the Cross of St. George (which is issued for services rendered in connection with performing tasks directly on the field of battle), but which would permit us to reward [other] military achievements, including those not associated with an extremely high risk to life.

Simply speaking, we consider it necessary to institute an award of a Medal “For Military Valour,” taking, as a starting example, an appropriate USSR medal. Russian Federation does not have claims on this type of award (there is already an approximate equivalent – the Suvorov Medal). With a few changes in design, a medal like that would suit us well.

I propose that there take place a competition for the layout of the specified medal, to be conducted with a quick turnaround deadline. And, once a layout is confirmed, several hundred of these medals (to begin with) would need to be manufactured.

My gratitude, in advance, for all the proposals! I ask that the moderators [of] create a separate forum for this discussion.

With respect,


Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Strelkov on the situation around Slavyansk – (June 24th, 2014)

06.24.2014 10.50 am

Yesterday at 18.00 o’clock, the enemy established a forward mortar brigade at the village Vostochi. Using this mortar brigade they opened fire on Semenovka, 5 of our fighters received light wounds. With the return fire we were able to destroy one mortar installation. All day, until it got dark, the road through Semenovka has been under fire by the enemy tank, more specifically they were targeting our trucks “Gazelle” that deliver food to the city.

On the morning of the 24th the artillery strikes and positional fighting has resumed around Semenovka, our side has wounded.

To the west of Kramatorsk the enemy has created new check points, which they are strengthening with armored vehicles. To the North East of Kramatorsk around the village Malinovka, we spotted units of Right Sector with SS Galicina markings on their uniform.

We still don’t have the ability to restore water flow to the city of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, all the main water pumping facilities are under control of Ukrainian army and National Guard. The enemy keeps reinforcing their positions around the village of Krivaya Luka-Zakotnoe. As you can see, there is no way to abide by ceasefire under these conditions.

06.24.2014 11.00 am

At this moment there is a mortar shelling of the village Visiko-Ivanovka, water pipes that supply Slavansk, Kramatorks and other cities of DPR are located in this village, the pipes are the target.

06.24.2014 18.31 pm

During the rest of the day the enemy has shelled Semenovka two more times. Unfortunately one of our fighters, that was wounded early morning, a local from Horlovka, has passed away. The last mortar shelling has finished just minutes ago, our fighters are pinned in the trenches.

Regarding the downed chopper, I have not received any reports yet, once I receive the report and have all the details, I will either confirm or deny.

The enemy keeps massing large numbers of armor in the village of Krivaya Luka. According to the information from the locals, everyone is being removed from their homes, including the elderly. The locals are being blindfolded and transported outside the village, after they are told to get out of here, without any personal belongings. Several people have been killed right on the streets by the national guard, that’s considering we have very few fighters from that village.


Igor Strelkov’s Statement, June 22, 2014

I am categorically opposed to any “cult of personality” which some have started to sculpt out of my persona on various websites with a “patriotic” and “pseudo-patriotic” thematic. Actually, and frankly speaking, it is extremely unpleasant to read things about myself that are obviously devoid of reality. Many of the skills that are attributed to me I do not possess, not to any degree at all, and my “military successes,” for the most part, are explained not by any such “talents,” but by the enemy’s blatant ignorance in military affairs, its passivity and indecision.

I will be frank – I get absolutely no “rush” either from posters with an “idealized visage” or from fancy phrases like “an iron commander of iron strelkovites.” I can’t stand tarasconades [Note 1: desperate bravados], and such bravados are bursting through the seams already. Perhaps another, in my place, would have been convinced, but don’t expect it from me. I think of myself with measured skepticism, and I know equally well my accomplishments and my many limitations. I have no intention of engaging in politics in its pure form (I won’t even mention that this is neither the time nor the place for politics) and it is inappropriate to build, on the basis of my fleeting popularity, various “castles in the sky” or far-reaching plans in the genre of “patriotic fantasy”.

I especially cringe at the fact that, while a real war is ongoing (it’s irrelevant whether some like this term or not – the war is already upon us), my public statements are being used by way of an “ideological bomb,” aimed against the existing government.

I have written already, and will repeat again: having taken Crimea, Putin began a revolution from the top. The progress of [this revolution] is very, very difficult, it continues, but with constant vacillations from side to side. But it continues. And if we do not support [this revolution] now, its failure will sweep aside both him and the country. Moreover, during war, mutiny against the Commander-in-Chief is tantamount to a betrayal of the Fatherland. The “way of Guchkov-Milyukov-Lvov et al.,” who, in their own time, also implemented a rebellion in the name of “saving Russia,” led to a result we know well.


Note 1: Tarasconism or Tarasconade – a Russian-language Gallicism derived from the name of the city of Tarascon in Provence, France, which became famous after the publication of Alphonse Daudet’s “Tartarin of Tarascon,” the city of desperate braggarts. In other words, a tarasconade/tarasconism is a speech by a desperate braggart, alternatively, a desperate bravado.

Translated from English by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor

Igor Strelkov’s Interview, June 20, 2014

Commentary to the Events of June 19 and 20

Q: Various Ukrainian mass media outlets published information about the losses of the [Ukrainian] punitive forces, and [according to them] the total figure is approximately 35 dead and 40 wounded.

A: If our sources in Izyum are to be trusted, the number of wounded, that were relocated there or sent to Kharkov after this battle, exceeds 300 men. However, I cannot guarantee this information – [it came to us] by way of the gossip mill. On the other hand, the numbers publicized by the Ukie media may well be right. Our losses in dead and wounded are approximately half of [the enemy losses] – our battalion was not destroyed, merely dispersed. It is now slowly coming together again. Once they are all back, our irretrievable losses will become clear. For now, there are 15 wounded in the hospital. They were evacuated in the first hours of the battle and at the end.

Q: What happened to the morning advance of the government forces? Are they still standing in columns, or have they been turned around to go hunt the tank forces [of the Novorossiya Armed Forces (“NAF”)]?

A: They turned around and left, all of them. Our battle group (from Lisichansk) has again occupied Yampol – those fighters that were unable to break through across the bridges to the south shore are now returning as well. They are taking up their previous positions. I am glad that the appeal to Russia was not left unanswered – the mere movement of Russian forces toward the border eliminated the Ukies’ attempt to break through to our rear.

Q: What is the status of the preparations to repel the Ukrainian army’s assault on Slavyansk?

A: The situation has changed dramatically. In the morning, we were preparing to repel a decisive attack, and now … I won’t tell you what we are preparing to do … (smiling).

Q: Igor Ivanovich, can you please comment Valeriy Bolotov’s statement about the urgent subordination to the Lugansk Republic of Alexey Mozgovoi’s units?

A: Mozgovoi is subordinated to the headquarters of the DPR (“Donetsk People’s Republic”) militia. And, for a long time now, he has been fighting in close coordination with [our forces]. Successfully fighting. His weapons and ammunition supplies come from us. In this case, Bolotov is engaged in misplaced parochialism.

Q: Igor Ivanovich, would you please explain what is being done with respect to the apparent disunity of the [militia] detachments? Is anyone trying to solve this dilemma, trying to organize unified headquarters of LPR (“Lugansk People’s Republic”) and DPR under the command of a single Commander-in-Chief?

A: What is there to explain? Even in DPR we have no single [unified] headquarters. And you are asking that there be one for two republics … When the time is right, there will be. An army should be commanded by a single person, who is both a military professional and an experienced administrator. I am hoping that some volunteer general with combat experience and combined arms leadership [skills], able to build high-level contacts with Russian colleagues comes to our aid. Otherwise, this guerilla warfare will last a very long time.

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor

Slavyansk Surrounded- Many Losses


Just now you heard the sound of shooting. These are tanks attacking Semyonovka, shooting at our position. The attack is from all sides. But there its not so bad, our fighters are dug in well. What is worse is that the enemy has simultaniously attacked our positions under Yampol (towards Krasniy Liman) and from the South attacked the town of Seversk, where we had a tiny garrison. In essence there is no real fighting to be done there, 30 fighters with carbines is not something that can stop a tank company and a motorized infantry battalion.

I just returned from Yampol where we suffered many casualties, in machinery and weaponry. For the same simple reason, the enemy there has once again thrown more than 100 units of armor, with strong support from artillery, Grads and mortars. The first attack was repelled by our fighters, they knocked out one tank, but to stop 15-20 tanks with two immobile anti-tank guns recoilless rifles is difficult. The battle is raging on there, but its likely that they will break through by nightfall.

On the other hand holding the positions in Yampol is now meaningless, our garrison will be in full encirclement. And will carry on fighting like in the defense of the Brest Fortress.

[Sarcastic] I would like to send my deepest thanks to the Russian Federation for their strong support to us and the Russian Donbass People.[/s] I hope that if there is any decency left in Moscow that there is enough to make them take on some sort of action.

(*The most interesting part here is the mention of the Brest Fortress. This is a sort of artificial Soviet Alamo story.)