Strelkov: Ukrainian Army finished off own infantry under Slavyansk

Here is a very rushed translation:

S:Take photos, they say they only have 1 KIA from yesterday.

They say they have no casualties, 1 KIA, 2 WIA. Look how many corpses there were.

Look at this handsome guy [shows passport of dead soldier], see for yourself.

Thats the ID of the units commander.

Reporter: Approximately how many were killed?

S: Difficult to say, but certainly a platoon’s worth was annihilated.

[Lists names]

Trophy weapons, AGS-17 flame.

Operation was carried out by one of ur field commanders,

We shot up the enemy fortification with captured armor vehicles from close range, after that attacked with infantry.

After that enemy artillery fired on the positions thinking that it was already captured, since they are under orders to shell all captured positions.

They hit their infantry as a result.

Reporter: Were there survivors or prisoners?

S:Yes there were survivors, but we did not capture any, the survivors fled. Abandoning one intact BTR and two torched ones.

Is it true that one of your tanks was destroyed?

No that this not true both of the tanks used are fine

Reporter: What was the significance of this checkpoint?

This checkpoint was like a gun to my temple, it lay on a road going straight to the center of town, At the moment we are mining the location and reinforcing so the enemy cant recapture.

Reporter; And the BTR?

The BTR is fully intact, with functional weapons, we will show it you later.

Reporter: Will you introduce rationing for food?

S:Maybe since the enemy is actively stopping food from entering the city.

Here are an 82mm Vasilyok mortar magazines for the mortar we captured.

Reporter: Is that what they shell the city with?

They also use mines like this, but its small stuff compared to the large calibers they use to shell the city.

Igor Strelkov on the Battlefield: The Attack on Maryinovka


Igor Strelkov: We attacked Maryinovka, attempting to cut across the [southern] corridor, which connects the enemy’s southern group with its main forces. Well, we weren’t able to cut through all the way. We took control of three strategic heights and one village. However, we couldn’t make it all the way to the border; their forces are too large here.

It looks like there were two dead and no fewer than fifteen wounded, most of them, thankfully, lightly. So, there are a few …

Militiaman: The mortar battery was located. In the corn field.

Igor Strelkov: (to the militiaman) Where is it? Eliminate it. Eliminate. Encircle and eliminate it. Throw your reconnaissance unit there.

Igor Strelkov: (to the reporter) Right now I’ll have to give orders. So, we destroyed one BTR and one BMP of the enemy. One BMP was captured. And just now we located the mortar battery that was shelling us. Perhaps we’ll be able to deal with it as well. However, chances are the personnel is long gone.

So, a few armoured vehicles managed to escape from us; they fled the village. One of the heights was defended by three tanks. In the settlement itself, there were four BMPs, one Hummer and two BTRs. The larger part of them left. However, as I already mentioned, two armoured vehicles were destroyed and one was captured.

What else could I tell you? The enemy is sending its last regards to Maryinovka by shelling it. Right now it’s quiet, but, otherwise, they lob two-three heavy shells at it every several minutes.

There were fierce artillery exchanges. The militia conducted mortar strikes against the enemy positions. You can hear them now again. I don’t think the battle is over yet.

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov