Interview with Igor Strelkov: “Kiev’s Goal is to Drag Russia Into This War”


Igor Strelkov: The Militia’s engaged in constant, uninterrupted fighting. At this moment in time, very heavy battles are ongoing near Lugansk. There the enemy’s concentrated enormous, overwhelming forces. According to our estimates, over seventy tanks are operating against us, or, rather, against our comrades in Lugansk, in that region.

At this time, we’re sending whatever ammunition and reinforcements we can there. However, the ratio of forces is simply disheartening, because, having put mercenaries behind the steering wheels of tanks, the Ukrainian side is seeking to have the outcome of the war decided by cutting us off from Russia.

For our part, we try to help by attacking the enemy on various fronts. Thus, for instance, last night in the area north of Karlovka our reconnaissance team attacked a battery of Grad systems. One vehicle—installation—was destroyed, and one was damaged. We will, of course, continue our attacks.

However, it must be understood that the Militia is unable to fundamentally break the flow of this war, particularly because the enemy is indeed being supplied to the highest degree. We have information that four anti-tank Apache helicopters have been transferred into Ukraine, which they’re contemplating using not even against us, but against Russia, if it decides to help us in a more active manner.

Question: Is this a provocation or is it an entirely purposeful measure?

Igor Strelkov: After witnessing the use of chemical weapons in Semyonovka, I no longer doubt that anything could happen. Pretty much everything’s being tried to pull Russia into this war. Either that, or to obtain confirmation that Russia won’t enter this war and won’t defend its brothers here in Ukraine.

They’ve effectively lost sight of the shores, if I may use this expression. They’ve simply lost all measure; lost all touch with reality. They’re no longer ashamed of anything. They think they’re entitled to do anything they want, to use whatever weapons they want, and to shell… They’d even shell Moscow, given the chance. There’s no honour, no conscience; there’s no understanding, none at all.

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / edited by @GBabeuf