Strelkov: Ukrainian Army finished off own infantry under Slavyansk

Here is a very rushed translation:

S:Take photos, they say they only have 1 KIA from yesterday.

They say they have no casualties, 1 KIA, 2 WIA. Look how many corpses there were.

Look at this handsome guy [shows passport of dead soldier], see for yourself.

Thats the ID of the units commander.

Reporter: Approximately how many were killed?

S: Difficult to say, but certainly a platoon’s worth was annihilated.

[Lists names]

Trophy weapons, AGS-17 flame.

Operation was carried out by one of ur field commanders,

We shot up the enemy fortification with captured armor vehicles from close range, after that attacked with infantry.

After that enemy artillery fired on the positions thinking that it was already captured, since they are under orders to shell all captured positions.

They hit their infantry as a result.

Reporter: Were there survivors or prisoners?

S:Yes there were survivors, but we did not capture any, the survivors fled. Abandoning one intact BTR and two torched ones.

Is it true that one of your tanks was destroyed?

No that this not true both of the tanks used are fine

Reporter: What was the significance of this checkpoint?

This checkpoint was like a gun to my temple, it lay on a road going straight to the center of town, At the moment we are mining the location and reinforcing so the enemy cant recapture.

Reporter; And the BTR?

The BTR is fully intact, with functional weapons, we will show it you later.

Reporter: Will you introduce rationing for food?

S:Maybe since the enemy is actively stopping food from entering the city.

Here are an 82mm Vasilyok mortar magazines for the mortar we captured.

Reporter: Is that what they shell the city with?

They also use mines like this, but its small stuff compared to the large calibers they use to shell the city.

Igor Strelkov on the Battlefield: The Attack on Maryinovka


Igor Strelkov: We attacked Maryinovka, attempting to cut across the [southern] corridor, which connects the enemy’s southern group with its main forces. Well, we weren’t able to cut through all the way. We took control of three strategic heights and one village. However, we couldn’t make it all the way to the border; their forces are too large here.

It looks like there were two dead and no fewer than fifteen wounded, most of them, thankfully, lightly. So, there are a few …

Militiaman: The mortar battery was located. In the corn field.

Igor Strelkov: (to the militiaman) Where is it? Eliminate it. Eliminate. Encircle and eliminate it. Throw your reconnaissance unit there.

Igor Strelkov: (to the reporter) Right now I’ll have to give orders. So, we destroyed one BTR and one BMP of the enemy. One BMP was captured. And just now we located the mortar battery that was shelling us. Perhaps we’ll be able to deal with it as well. However, chances are the personnel is long gone.

So, a few armoured vehicles managed to escape from us; they fled the village. One of the heights was defended by three tanks. In the settlement itself, there were four BMPs, one Hummer and two BTRs. The larger part of them left. However, as I already mentioned, two armoured vehicles were destroyed and one was captured.

What else could I tell you? The enemy is sending its last regards to Maryinovka by shelling it. Right now it’s quiet, but, otherwise, they lob two-three heavy shells at it every several minutes.

There were fierce artillery exchanges. The militia conducted mortar strikes against the enemy positions. You can hear them now again. I don’t think the battle is over yet.

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Strelkov’s statement regarding ceasefire – (June 28th, 2014 @ 15.30)

During the night over Slavyansk breaking so called ceasefire, there were more than 10 unmanned aircraft gathering intelligence.

In the morning the enemy planes dropped off military cargo on parachutes, in the area of Kramatorsk airport. We restrained ourselves from using our anti air defense.

The enemy has resumed the movements of military convoys along the highway Kharkov-Rostov, around check points Gas Station and Vostochniy ( the enemy calls them, check point #3 and #4 ). According to our intelligence, one of the convoys delivered a large shipment of shells, that will be used for artillery strikes on our positions. We consider these actions a break in ceasefire. As a result of such actions, we carried out a mortar attack on one of the convoys in the area of the check point Vostochniy. The enemy’s mortar battery located in the area of the same checkpoint, responded by shelling Semenovka. We responded by shelling the enemy’s mortar battery, with our own, the enemy has casualties.

During the duration of the rest of the day, our recon groups observed as the enemy kept moving more troops and armored vehicles to the front positions located on the edges of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The enemy is getting ready for a complete cleansing of Yampol.

Slavyansk Garrison is warning, that we will not let our enemy use the declaration of ceasefire, to get into state of maximum readiness to storm our positions.

On all the other fronts our units, are sticking to the ceasefire agreement and are limiting themselves to observing the enemy’s actions.


Strelkov on the situation around Slavyansk – (June 24th, 2014)

06.24.2014 10.50 am

Yesterday at 18.00 o’clock, the enemy established a forward mortar brigade at the village Vostochi. Using this mortar brigade they opened fire on Semenovka, 5 of our fighters received light wounds. With the return fire we were able to destroy one mortar installation. All day, until it got dark, the road through Semenovka has been under fire by the enemy tank, more specifically they were targeting our trucks “Gazelle” that deliver food to the city.

On the morning of the 24th the artillery strikes and positional fighting has resumed around Semenovka, our side has wounded.

To the west of Kramatorsk the enemy has created new check points, which they are strengthening with armored vehicles. To the North East of Kramatorsk around the village Malinovka, we spotted units of Right Sector with SS Galicina markings on their uniform.

We still don’t have the ability to restore water flow to the city of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, all the main water pumping facilities are under control of Ukrainian army and National Guard. The enemy keeps reinforcing their positions around the village of Krivaya Luka-Zakotnoe. As you can see, there is no way to abide by ceasefire under these conditions.

06.24.2014 11.00 am

At this moment there is a mortar shelling of the village Visiko-Ivanovka, water pipes that supply Slavansk, Kramatorks and other cities of DPR are located in this village, the pipes are the target.

06.24.2014 18.31 pm

During the rest of the day the enemy has shelled Semenovka two more times. Unfortunately one of our fighters, that was wounded early morning, a local from Horlovka, has passed away. The last mortar shelling has finished just minutes ago, our fighters are pinned in the trenches.

Regarding the downed chopper, I have not received any reports yet, once I receive the report and have all the details, I will either confirm or deny.

The enemy keeps massing large numbers of armor in the village of Krivaya Luka. According to the information from the locals, everyone is being removed from their homes, including the elderly. The locals are being blindfolded and transported outside the village, after they are told to get out of here, without any personal belongings. Several people have been killed right on the streets by the national guard, that’s considering we have very few fighters from that village.


Slavyansk Surrounded- Many Losses


Just now you heard the sound of shooting. These are tanks attacking Semyonovka, shooting at our position. The attack is from all sides. But there its not so bad, our fighters are dug in well. What is worse is that the enemy has simultaniously attacked our positions under Yampol (towards Krasniy Liman) and from the South attacked the town of Seversk, where we had a tiny garrison. In essence there is no real fighting to be done there, 30 fighters with carbines is not something that can stop a tank company and a motorized infantry battalion.

I just returned from Yampol where we suffered many casualties, in machinery and weaponry. For the same simple reason, the enemy there has once again thrown more than 100 units of armor, with strong support from artillery, Grads and mortars. The first attack was repelled by our fighters, they knocked out one tank, but to stop 15-20 tanks with two immobile anti-tank guns recoilless rifles is difficult. The battle is raging on there, but its likely that they will break through by nightfall.

On the other hand holding the positions in Yampol is now meaningless, our garrison will be in full encirclement. And will carry on fighting like in the defense of the Brest Fortress.

[Sarcastic] I would like to send my deepest thanks to the Russian Federation for their strong support to us and the Russian Donbass People.[/s] I hope that if there is any decency left in Moscow that there is enough to make them take on some sort of action.

(*The most interesting part here is the mention of the Brest Fortress. This is a sort of artificial Soviet Alamo story.)

Strelkov interview – talks about skirmishes around Slavyansk, as well as the downing of the military cargo plane.


Situation around Slavyansk mostly didn’t change. However we are starting to see small pull backs of infantry and some pull back of machinery away from the city. The enemy keeps shelling Semenovka, however there was no shelling of the city itself over the past day. They moved here a fresh unit of the National Guard. We already had two skirmishes with them, one during the day, one in the evening. The incidents happened in the Slavyanks Kurort and the other between two villages of Artem and Severni. In both skirmishers National Guard suffered defeat, I believe at least two killed and 5-6 wounded, from our side one guy is lightly wounded.

The enemy keeps setting up mines around the area and strengthening their block posts. I believe they trashed the idea of storming the city. However they are still probing our defenses, with reconnaissance groups. The skirmishers that I described earlier happened against such groups.

I believe the enemy has decided that they will break their teeth in Slavyansk, so they will look for easier prey. Also, around Krasni Liman, our mobile mortar group, with infantry support shelled a Ukrainian military block post around Kirovsk village, which is just west of Krasni Liman. The enemy has suffered severe casualties and at very least 1 military machine was destroyed. What machine was it, we are still trying to find out, there was a lot of fire and smoke, but its hard to tell what specifically was hit.

Also we carried out an attack at another block post on a highway Kharkov-Rostov with a turn to Krasni Liman, we damaged a tank with a direct hit. I will not say it was destroyed, since you cannot destroy a tank with a mortar round. However we did take it out of service for awhile, our group observed how it was was towed out of the ditch and put on a truck.

So basically what we have is a lot of small positional confrontations which are normal for a type of war that is going on. Over the past day we had 4 wounded, unfortunately one of them has died. Regarding the enemy losses, I gave you an estimate, however I cannot state them exactly.

Q. What are your thoughts about the army of South East and their downing of the transport military plane IL-76?

About time. Its unacceptable for the enemy to land in Donetsk and Lugansk without any consequences. Finally some fighters and commanders showed themselves adequate and were able to organize anti-air defense and started downing planes of the insolent enemy that thinks himself safe over our territory.

Q. Does militia in Donetsk region have the ability to carry out similar attacks, since the enemy planes land and take off from Donetsk airport?

I believe that they can do it. However I have very little ability to communicate with and to command our forces in Donetsk. Because of that I cannot give you exact reasons why such things are not happening in Donetsk. Perhaps they have good reasons for not doing it.

Q. In the internet there is some new information regarding two newly downed planes. Do you have any information?

We have some preliminary information that over Horlovka, our people have downed a SU-25. However that information has not been confirmed yet, and I would like to wait for confirmation before stating it as a fact. We do know that today Horlovka was hit by an air strike. I believe the strike was supposed to target city police building. The strike missed the building but, but did hit close by. There are three people dead and 7 wounded, as to who these people are, fighters or civilians. I don’t have this information at this time.

Игорь Стрелков, информация за день: противник понес потери и отступил

Сведения от Стрелкова Игоря Ивановича.

«Итоги вчерашнего вечера и сегодняшнего утра:

Успехи великих укров:

— Украм удалось восстановить блокпост на повороте в Красный Лиман. Они сами его оставили безхозным за трое суток до того и нашими силами он не занимался (ибо там были выявлены понапрасну ждавшие нашего „отчаянного прорыва“ секреты ихнего спецназа).

— укры перегнали больше 1000 солдат всех ведомств и массу боевой техники из района Долгенькое-Долина в район БЗС — дорога на Донецкое. Где у них и так (со 2 мая) стоит блокпост.

— укры шквальным артиллерийским огнем нанесли дополнительные повреждения на 100% уничтоженным вагонам в районе между Андреевкой и Славянском.

Наши скромные действия:

— Сегодня в ночь обстрелян аэродром в Краматорске. Возник пожар, у противника около 5 раненых и убитых.

— На рассвете несколькими выстрелами из ПТРС и продвижением пехоты противник (3 БТР с пехотой) был выбит из Семеновки и поспешно отошел в южном направлении. Попытка нанести нам потери огнем из 8 БТР с севера сорвана арт.налетом (50 мин кал.82-мм). В ходе перестрелок в районе Сользавода противник понес потери в живой силе и отступил в сторону БЗС. Семеновка прочно в наших руках, в настоящее время тщательно укрепляется.

— Разведгруппа ополчения подошла ночью вплотную к БЗС, миновала охранение противника и выпустила “в сторону” блокпоста три гранаты из подствольников. В результате противник около 30 минут успешно воевал друг с другом — с применением пулеметов БТР и минометов кал.120-мм, стреляя во все стороны. Не думаю, что понес потери, но боеприпасы придется пополнять…
Примерно так»…

Комментарий Игоря Стрелкова по поводу его гибели, анонсированной в украинских СМИ:

«Внимание! С Вами говорит то, что еще вчера было Стрелком…. Собственно, оно до недавнего времени всерьез считало, что по-прежнему осталось оным человеком. Но потом прочитало, что его убили… С учетом убедительности изложения, а также не вызывающей никаких сомнений абсолютной правдивости укрСМИ, оно (то есть я) поняло, что уже являюсь неживым объектом… Теперь в раздумьях-то ли оно (то есть я) зомби, то ли что-то еще инфернальное…

P.S. Помнится, только в 2001 году в районе лагеря Хатуни меня местное чеченское население «упокоило» не меньше трех раз…

Но больше всего мне понравилось. что я «отчаянно пытался вырваться из города»… 🙂

Под Славянском (15 мая 01 ч. 30 мин. по Москве)

«Пока относительное затишье. Изготовились и стоят. Простреливают из пулеметов окрестности, время от времени кидают мины — осветительные и обычные. Уже и гаубичные снаряды осветительные (они намного дольше горят) „вешают“ в небе.
За Славянск я не очень беспокоюсь — тут у нас народу много и оборона эшелонирована в глубину. А вот за Краматорск опасаюсь. Оружия там не шибко много… Но есть порох в пороховницах! И, самое главное, весь опыт крымской и текущей кампаний просто вопит о том, что ВОЕВАТЬ ВСЕРЬЕЗ укры не смогут. Во-первых — не умеют. А во вторых (и это главное) — не хотят — ибо не за что подавляющему большинству воевать. Включая и большинство офицеров.

Что же до остального… я даже не очень представляю теперь — сколько их тут собралось рядом с нами. Похоже, почти вся их армия… ну, по крайней мере, боеспособная ее часть. Но реально в городском бою смогут принять участие только тысяча-полторы человек — спецназ и нацгвардия. Остальные просто не пойдут под любым предлогом. В лучшем случае — будут закреплять территорию».


«После недавнего боя в Староварваровке между правосеками из нацгвардии и „обычными“ ВВэшниками, а также с учетом знания настроений подавляющего большинства „обычных“ военных, практически уверен, что „всем, что осталось“ (а осталось довольно много) не звезданет. А если и звезданет-то значительная часть улетит Бог знает куда — в первую очередь в небо.
Если же в небе появятся все-таки „Путинские соколы“, то через несколько часов у нас будут сотни, а через сутки — тысячи пленных и перебежчиков. В любом случае, город им взять быстро не удастся. Возможно — и вообще не удастся, потому как умоются кровью».

Тем не менее:

«Никого мы «рубить» специально не собираемся. Тем более, что с той стороны множество случайно попавших на войну людей, пригнанных насильно и не имеющих никакой мотивации воевать. Если атакуют — будем бить».