Strelkov on the situation around Slavyansk – (June 24th, 2014)

06.24.2014 10.50 am

Yesterday at 18.00 o’clock, the enemy established a forward mortar brigade at the village Vostochi. Using this mortar brigade they opened fire on Semenovka, 5 of our fighters received light wounds. With the return fire we were able to destroy one mortar installation. All day, until it got dark, the road through Semenovka has been under fire by the enemy tank, more specifically they were targeting our trucks “Gazelle” that deliver food to the city.

On the morning of the 24th the artillery strikes and positional fighting has resumed around Semenovka, our side has wounded.

To the west of Kramatorsk the enemy has created new check points, which they are strengthening with armored vehicles. To the North East of Kramatorsk around the village Malinovka, we spotted units of Right Sector with SS Galicina markings on their uniform.

We still don’t have the ability to restore water flow to the city of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, all the main water pumping facilities are under control of Ukrainian army and National Guard. The enemy keeps reinforcing their positions around the village of Krivaya Luka-Zakotnoe. As you can see, there is no way to abide by ceasefire under these conditions.

06.24.2014 11.00 am

At this moment there is a mortar shelling of the village Visiko-Ivanovka, water pipes that supply Slavansk, Kramatorks and other cities of DPR are located in this village, the pipes are the target.

06.24.2014 18.31 pm

During the rest of the day the enemy has shelled Semenovka two more times. Unfortunately one of our fighters, that was wounded early morning, a local from Horlovka, has passed away. The last mortar shelling has finished just minutes ago, our fighters are pinned in the trenches.

Regarding the downed chopper, I have not received any reports yet, once I receive the report and have all the details, I will either confirm or deny.

The enemy keeps massing large numbers of armor in the village of Krivaya Luka. According to the information from the locals, everyone is being removed from their homes, including the elderly. The locals are being blindfolded and transported outside the village, after they are told to get out of here, without any personal belongings. Several people have been killed right on the streets by the national guard, that’s considering we have very few fighters from that village.