Igor Strelkov visted the Crimean Cossacks

On Oct 14, Crimea was visited by the former commander in chief of the militia of the Donetsk Republic, Igor Strelkov. Soldier visited the oldest Church in the name of the Mother of God “the Sign” and congratulated the Crimean Cossacks. Igor Strelkov:

The kulesh was delicious, the Crimean wine – wonderful, the weather – amazing! You can rely on Cossacks if they are fighting in the ranks of serious combat units. When their chieftain is alright – the Cossacks fight alright too.

With the icon of St Nicholas, Igor Strelkov left parting words for the Crimean Cossacks:

On the day of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin, Oct 14, with brotherly hugs and wishes to firmly bear Cossack honor for the sake of the Fatherland.

As previously reported, on Oct 14, Orthodox believers of the Crimea had the feast of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


In the Crimea was a procession in honor of the Holy virgin


On Oct 14, Orthodox believers of the Crimea had the feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary. According to legend, the basis of the holiday is the supposed phenomenon of the Mother of God in the Besieged Constantinople. Mary protected the Christians and the enemy retreated. In the most ancient temple in the name of the Mother of God “the Sign” the Abbot of the temple hieromonk Mark celebrated the festal divine Liturgy. After passed the traditional procession with the participation of the clergy, parishioners and the Cossacks. Father Mark said that the Cossacks have always been the true defenders of the Orthodox faith. At such a difficult time it is the spiritual unity that can withstand all the troubles and guide on the right path. The Church dates back from the initial centuries of Christianity. In the past, the place was a cave where the early Christians prayed. Also survived “the altar in the sanctuary”, a special location on the stones of the chapel in the name of Mary Magdalene. The current name of the temple was in 1792 by the name of an ancient icon of the Kremlin letter of the Mother of God “the Sign”. As previously reported, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation adopted a decision on the restoration of monasteries and mosques in Crimea.